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The Norwood School

Student Council

We have a very active Student Council with representation from each year group.

One of the projects that we have been working hard on this year is a road safety campaign to limit the speed of cars travelling down Crown Dale.

Plea from Students- Lower the Speed Limit On Crown Dale to 20 mph

We, the School Council of The Norwood School, urge Croydon and Lambeth Council to lower the speed limit on Crown Dale to 20mph.

There have already been 2 fatal accidents on Crown Dale and many more incidents involving students at our school being injured. Since there are 4 schools on the road, something needs to be done, before another member of our community is hurt, or maybe even killed.

A 20mph speed limit would encourage drivers to take much more care around the area. Our primary aim is to make the area safer for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers alike. Additionally, children would feel much safer going and returning from their schools. We should not have to worry about drivers speeding recklessly, especially on Crown Dale. Another casualty could be prevented with a 20mph speed limit; which should not be a big ask.

Please help us to achieve this by signing and sharing this petition, we would really appreciate your help.

Thank you for your support,

The Students of the Norwood School and Local Area

Sign our petition now! Click on this link!