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The Norwood School



We aim to develop a passion for the Arts and to serve as a vibrant centre of excellence

We aim to develop a passion for the Arts and to serve as a vibrant centre of excellence for creative and artistic expression, sharing leading practice with other schools and the local community.

Our specialism vision:

  • To be at the forefront of innovative performing and visual arts education, both locally and nationally.
  • To nurture and encourage the interests, abilities and unique potential of each individual student through our emphasis upon personalised learning
  • To provide exciting, innovative and engaging learning opportunities
  • To develop a lifelong passion for, and appreciation of, the Arts in our students as both participants and discriminating spectators
  • To give students an active voice in their own learning and the life of the school
  • To attract a highly skilled, creative and flexible workforce, providing specialist vocational training and creative experiences
  • To appreciate, enjoy and maximise the cultural diversity, heritage and opportunities that London provides.

Specialist Curriculum

Students in Years 7 and 8 receive weekly lessons in art, technology, dance, drama and music, taught by specialist teachers in state-of-the-art studios. Year 9 follow an imaginative specialist curriculum that leads into an imaginative Key Stage 4 programme and enjoy fine art, animation, film/media, textiles, fashion, drama, dance and music technology. 

All students can choose to continue in one or more of our performing and visual arts subjects to GCSE standard in Year 10 and 11.  They can also opt for vocational qualifications - RSLs in Performing Arts and BTEC's in ICT and Business. The Visual & Performing Arts curriculum is continually developing.   We are delighted to be offering students the chance to study the multiple arts disciples at Key Stage 5 in our vibrant, successful Sixth Form.

Our drama studios and theatre have been refurbished to a very high standard.  Our art department contains a powerful computer suite as well as an impressive exhibition space and we are one of the only schools in Lambeth to have the benefit of purpose built mirrored dance studios.

Having specialist status means that:

  • Students in all years are given regular opportunities to visit museums, galleries and theatres.
  • Artists-in-residence support and work alongside students in all subjects but particularly art, dance, drama and music lessons.
  • Long term links have been developed with world class organisations that include: Rambert Dance Company, Tate Britain, The English National Opera, Royal Opera House, The National Theatre, Royal Ballet, The Young Vic,  Kinetika Carnival Company, Unicorn Theatre for Children.
  • Students regularly participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities across the faculties.
  • Students’ self esteem and confidence is improved.
  • Gifted and talented artists and performers  are actively identified and encouraged -  many of them take part in additional projects at the weekends and during holiday periods.
  • All staff deliver a vibrant and creative curriculum across all subjects that harness the values and attributes inherent in the visual and performing arts.