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The Norwood School

Transition Yr 6 into Year 7 Summer 2021

We are rightly proud of our highly regarded transition programme for children joining us from Year 6 into 7. Things have obviously been very different this year, and we are still not able to welcome the children onsite as usual, we haven't had the chance to meet all the families in person, or perhaps, to give the children their own day in school before September. Our meetings with families and year 6 staff will probably still all be online and our tutor meetings will be via zoom. However, we will do whatever we can to make your child's transition from primary to secondary as smooth as possible under the current circumstances.


Our usual transition programme is as follows;

Year 5 students join us throughout their Summer term for practical arts workshops in Dance, Music Drama and Art. 

Our Year 7, 8 and 9 Bursary Students frequently take practical sessions out to primary schools and deliver assemblies.

Yr 8 Student Ambassadors meet families and prospective students during open days and Open Evening.

Students and staff meet one another at the Admissions tests and Visual and Performing Arts Bursary Workshops, interviews and auditions.

After National Offer Day in the Spring we host a Friendship Tea party for all those who have been lucky enough to have been awarded a place at the Norwood School. It is a great chance for the children  to meet one another whilst parents join in with a variety of taster lessons across a range of subjects.

During the first half of the summer term we work closely with the Year 6 teachers of all the children who will be joining us in September. We learn about your child and how they learn best, what their strengths are and what support, if any, they might need. 

In July, during our Arts Week, all our Year 6 students come into school for an Induction Day, they get the chance to meet their new form tutor, have a few taster lessons and get to know their peers. We always host it on our 'trips day', a day when the whole of the rest of the school are off for the day - so that the little ones have the whole school to themselves, so that they can find their bearings, tour the school and find out where everything is before their September start. 

We arrange a one to one meeting with all our new families, an opportunity for you all to come into school to meet us, Senior Team, the new Head of Year, Tutors and some of our support staff. We make the time to sit and talk to you all on a one to one basis about all the exciting things that the children are looking forward to moving up to secondary school. It is also a chance for us to reassure them or you if they have any questions or concerns about transition.

We set an engaging Summer Project for the students to complete over the break.

Over the Summer holidays you are invited into our Uniform shop. 

We staggered the start for Year 7 this year because the Year 7 hadn't had the chance to be in school on their own, but usually, we invite the children in alongside everyone else. We have always found that because of the way we have built relationships prior to their start, the students are confident and ready to go without the need to be in school on their own.

For now though, we hope that you enjoy the film that we sent to our Year 6 families last summer.  We think it does give you a real sense of the school, even when we were mid lock down!

We hope you enjoy our induction film.  It is not the same not having the chance to welcome you all personally into school as we would have liked to - but we think that you will enjoy seeing the school again, listening to some of your teachers and meeting some of last year's Yr 7's.


Take care and stay safe.

See you all in September!