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VESPA Pastoral Programme​​​​​​​

The principal aims of VESPA are to help students understand what makes high performing students so successful, and equally to provide a range of opportunities to encourage our students to emulate those successful behaviours and characteristics.

VESPA identifies 5 strands of behaviours and characteristics that all students need to be successful:

Vision = They know what they want to achieve.

Effort = They put in many hours of proactive independent study.

Systems = They organise their learning resources and their time.

Practice = They use effective techniques to practise and develop their skills.

Attitude = They respond constructively to feedback and setbacks.

Students who consistently exhibit these qualities are far more likely to succeed than those who score highly in terms of cognition. Regardless of academic success at 11, 16 & 18, all learners hit ceilings; students who demonstrate VESPA qualities can, and do, make significant breakthroughs in their learning.

VESPA forms part of all students’ Independent Study and includes:

  • A programme of study skills sessions delivered during form time from Years 7-13;
  • VESPA coaching for targeted students;
  • Modelling of VESPA Study Strategies in all subjects;
  • The Web-based Independent Study Hub (W.I.S.H.), accessed via Google Classroom, where KS4 students can easily access independent study resources for each of their subjects.

Please download attached document to see the focus for VESPA activities across the pastoral programme Key Stage 3, 4 and 5.

Yr 7 V - Vision 

Yr 8 E - Effort

Yr 9 S - Systems

Yr 10 P - Practice

Yr11 A - Attitude