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The Norwood School

Values, Ethos and Vision

It’s a school where students enjoy learning, staff enjoy teaching and people enjoy being.

The Norwood School promises to:

  • encourage creativity
  • celebrate diversity
  • open minds
  • achieve success together in a harmonious
    and inclusive environment

We offer:

  • a vibrant, exciting and inspiring atmosphere
  • a dynamic and innovative curriculum
  • each young person’s talents and abilities are nurtured and celebrated
  • excellent GCSE results
  • a successful and thriving Sixth Form
  • an exciting vision for the future

We are fully committed to ‘Creating Success Together’.

Our School Vision: 

Norwood’s successes are demonstrated in our students' outstanding achievements. We are a child centred community and place at its heart positive relationships, exciting opportunities and an engaging curriculum.

We provide our students with a rigorous academic foundation, alongside a rich education in the performing and visual arts. Our curriculum is designed to be challenging and ambitious, whilst providing each and every student with equal access to the broad range of educational experiences on offer. We also ensure that all of our students thrive, irrespective of starting points, through a strong commitment to personal development alongside the taught curriculum. Our school strongly reflects our local community, and we value each student as a unique individual.  Through this personalised approach, we will ensure that our students leave us with the knowledge, character and love for learning that enables them to become happy, knowledgeable and successful adults.

We dedicate ourselves to making learning exciting, inspiring and engaging. Our curriculum is broad and bespoke with a commitment to diversity and personalisation. We have high academic expectations and ambitions for our young people and also recognise the importance of an extracurricular offer that gives opportunities to experiment, try new things and develop themselves beyond the classroom.

Our specialism in performing and visual arts enhances our teaching and curriculum. It enables students to develop their unique talents and harness their creativity in whatever field this may be. We develop the whole child, ensuring that when they move on to the next stage of their education they will do so as inquisitive, thoughtful, well-rounded individuals ready for all the world has to offer.

We are extremely ambitious for our students. Norwood consistently achieves excellent academic outcomes regardless of student starting points. Our thoughtful, well planned and personalised approach to learning and its focus on the individual, enables our school to be a happy, vibrant and stimulating environment for students and staff. We are relentlessly optimistic and positive and never has that been more important than in current times.

Visitors to our school frequently comment on its warmth, vibrancy and sense of community. We are proud to be a school of choice in our local community and value the diverse experiences of those within it. We strive to be a place where all feel safe and happy, supported and challenged, motivated and inspired and therefore able to thrive in their journey through the school and beyond.