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The Norwood School

Year 7 and 8 Assessment and Reporting Information


Please note that during the Covid 19 Pandemic - alteration may be made to the assessment and reporting of students. Parents will be informed of the type of assessments and reporting systems  that students will undertake as appropriate. 

Over the course of an academic year, students develop their knowledge and skills in each subject across three learning cycles. Teachers continually assess and monitor students’ learning and their acquisition of skills and knowledge throughout the year. Assessment at the Norwood School involves Formative Assessment (including questioning, self and peer assessment, marking students’ work, verbal feedback and meaningful written feedback) and Diagnostic Testing within each learning cycle and Summative Assessment through exams at the end of each learning cycle. 

Parents are updated on their child’s academic performance at the end of a learning cycle, showing how well students have done in each subject and the effort that has been demonstrated.


Please see below information on our reporting systems and descriptors for Year 7 Starting Profiles in PE/Sport as well as Visual and Performing Arts.